Taco Diner

Taco Diner is part of the M Crowd Restaurant Group which also brought Mi Cocina to life. Before Taco Diner talk, let’s cut to the Mi Cocina chase– starting with drinks. Everyone agrees that this mambo taxi concoction, served at both locations, makes toes tingle.

Upon drinking, some kind of magical mambo taxi trance tanks brains into thinking the food is incredible. How do you spell overrated? M-I-C-O-C-I-N-A.

Since moving to Dallas, someone suggests we meet for a fabulous dinner at Mi Cocina or Taco Diner so much it hurts. I’m having a hard time understanding the constant ongoing fluff this restaurant group gets. Having a reputation of blowing skirts up on a whim is confusing.

Walking in to Taco Diner meant leaving these Mi Cocina feelings behind. Just because Mi Cocina is the ultimate super duper snoozer does not mean Taco Diner is. As lunch began, the burning question arrived: Is Taco Diner also insanely overrated?

In my opinion the answer is yes. After an online investigation, there are exactly 8 people on facebook professing certain feelings. So intense are these feelings, they had no choice other than to create a page called — “I like Taco Diner better than Mi Cocina.” That’s right.

As for the employees, boot camp is in store for any human interested in becoming a manager of a restaurant owned by the M Crowd Restaurant Group. Really. Like brainwashed service industry servants, beyond pleasing is their goal. Taco Diner’s fresh out of training manager sat down to explain the glory of having this job title.

Once the almost 12 week training process has been completed, the sky is the limit for employees of this group. Incentives roll in, keeping employees striving for excellence. Walk in to any Taco Diner or Mi Cocina and spy a manager for at least 20 minutes to witness the difference. These guys stand out far beyond the rest.

My server quickly approved a request to have 1 fish and 1 shrimp taco. When ordering a fish taco, expect to receive… tilapia. One option is the pan seared tilapia filets with achiote citrus marinade. Several choices exist when the dish you wish has seafood involved. Taco Diner offers seasoned sautéed shrimp tacos with queso blanco or tilapia having “Veracruz” sauce and grilled zucchini with slices of avocado.

Ordering tres leches was the best part of lunch. For all the high blood pressure people out there, no one is saying the rest of this dining experience was scary. Both restaurants are not BAD— simply overrated.


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