Capri truly is a hidden gem stuck all the way in The Woodlands. A wedding rehearsal destroyed dreams of a table triumph last month. The second attempt at a slip-in win, without a reservation, resulted in yet another solid deny. After finally experiencing Capri recently, hype seeming silly, suddenly made sense.

Being seated in a cozy corner for one is just peachy. As Capri was about to tell its story of ultimate dining glory, one jump needing hurdle happened. Problem: There isn’t going to be wine slinging during dinner service in this building, hence wishing for wine is a waste of time. Ouch.

As the waiter assured potential wine purchase was only a few doors down, um, so began this particular mini mart moment.

Mini marts come and go in the world. We must appreciate their existence, as most mini marts are handy in dealing with the most unexpected needs. Mini mart wine selection? Not so much.

Hello Turning Leaf. Yikes. No one is implying that Turning Leaf chardonnay is gross. Maybe, just maybe, Turning Leaf is Sean Beck’s favorite chardonnay. Maybe Justin Vann can’t live without Turning Leaf, keeping a bottle by his chilled bedside fridge every night.

The only evidence proving this wine sucks is what my brain signaled to all possible places. This signal firmly states Turning Leaf is, in fact, gross. The way it usually works: If it cost $6, it’s going to cost a lot more the next morning.

P.S. Prepare to lock and load, as this mini mart forces feelings of scary.

Capri’s bread is crazy great. The best bread EVER. Just when it seems as though the shock of just how crazy great this gift is, there is suddenly more of the gift, but with an added extra.

Bread is the enemy, yet Capri immediately forces friendship, so prepare to surrender.

Capri’s app menu couldn’t be better. The bruschetta rustica app with toasted ciabatta bread, fresh garlic, olive oil and fresh diced tomatoes almost hurts. Besides offering calamari and caprese, the fried veggies app is available with lightly floured & fried  cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli and artichoke hearts. Don’t forget, the mussels sautéed in white wine sauce is a most important must try app.

This side salad is called “regular.” People feeling better than regular — rejoice. Capri’s Mediterranean style salad is topped with jumbo shrimp on a bed of spring salad with black olives, carrots, green onions, sliced tomato and cauliflower.

Perfection cannot be rushed. <—— Wow. Glance at the menu and read this. People in a hurry should NOT order risotto. This dish of shrimp & scallop risotto delish is made using Arborio rice in a white cream sauce topped with parsley. If risotto is an unwavering want, Capri is the place to be. HEART!

Capri seals the deal with dessert minis. Rather than stuffing your face with one dessert, opt for many minis. Capri offers a traditional homemade tiramisu with coffee soaked lady fingers, as well as mascarpone cheese or panna cotta. Dessert toppings to be added are choices of chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, caramel syrup & walnuts, strawberry syrup & strawberries and espresso coffee powder.

There’s no living on the edge declaring this place worthy of five strawberries. Capri’s romantically comfy atmosphere easily delivers a whopper of an experience from belly to button. Even better, people in The Woodlands have an abundance of reason to rejoice, for Capri is spectacular Italian all the way.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

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