Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar

Talk about a bad taste being unpleasantly placed. Eww. First impression repression was a must in moving on. Reservations are necessary, sure. That’s fair. Um, at 6:00 p.m. on a Tuesday we were told to come back in two and a half hours.

Really? We had two rugrats in tow, flip flops, and a greasy ponytail, but, hey, we still maintain fabulous. When asked about the slew of empty tables, the most annoying hostess in existence said, “Well, sometimes a restaurant can look completely empty, but, you know, it’s not really empty and all.” Oh, okay.

While not being a reservation maker, if a place can’t take, we sit at the bar or leave. No big deal. This time was different. We wanted deviled eggs in the worst way. Rugrats veto bar sitting, so the only option was to talk to the… manager.

Manager Conversation Reenactment:

AVH: Hi. We realllllllllllllllllllllllllly want, need, must have, and are at your mercy for deviled eggs.

Manager: (Thinking to himself in horror…) Eww. What is she wearing? And why does she have little people with her? Oh, yuck. Why does that guy have a hat on???? Get out. Her flip flops are burning my left cornea!!!!! LEAVE.

AVH: We look homeless and all, but we have cash.

Oh, sorry. That’s not what happened. THIS IS…


AVH: Hi. We’d really like to try your place out. Is there any chance we can eat sooner than two and half hours from now?

Manager: Just a moment.

(A moment passes…)

Manager: We can’t do it. You need the time for the full experience and you would be rushed. It will have to be later.


Huh? How’s that? Once I sit down there won’t be any rushing. Who’s rushing? Just give me a seat and slap some deviled eggs in my frown wrinkled face. Geez. Feeling super unimportant slash worthless, we tucked tails and headed to valet. Adieu. Ciao. Ba Bye. Adios. See ya. We left. Growl.

We came home and quickly went to Urbanspoon to see just what others in Dallas are saying about Sissy’s. THIS! is from a not even close to happy human. Wow. Just wow.


“The food is ok but this restaurant completely misses the primary foundation of southern cooking, which is love. Southern cooking starts with a basis of sharing and hospitality; this place is as welcoming as a barbed wire enema. The hostess station is a judge’s bench; chances are you will be relegated to a table out of sight. $18 for a chicken fried steak. $9 for black eyed pea cake. $7 for some biscuits. All served to you with the warmth of an operating room. All over town are less expensive places serving far better southern cooking. They probably won’t have $14 cocktails, but in back they’ll have someone cooking that puts more heart in their $5 plate lunch that will be found here at Sissy’s tomb.


Moving on to the next day…

Yes, like the average Joe commoners of Dallas, we made a reservation. Double growl. After dressing like non losers, we walked in to see none other than the hostess. Hostesses are much more attractive when they actually seat people. True story.

We were seated on the WORLD’S LOUDEST PATIO. Capital letters do not clarify this fact at the level necessary. Look people, you will not carry on any kind of leisurely anything that has to do with speaking to another human while you are calling this particular patio… home. Forget it. Don’t expect to growl at anyone and get moved because if you are the chosen one, with that kind of clout, breaking news story of the day is that the inside is just about as loud as out.

Moonshine Punch!

The hype built up in my own mind, along with being rejected and having to wait an extra day, well, kinda brought the deviled egg effect down. Way. Down. Drama such as this made these deviled eggs impossible to please. Just bland. That’s all. Not bad ~ Just bland. Nothing to write home about and certainly not worth the trauma trouble to obtain. It cannot fairly be said they did or didn’t suck.

Even though Liberty Kitchen, in Houston, was super scary, they have an app with fried oysters & deviled eggs. This is exciting, and has since been a goal to obtain when seeing deviled eggs as an option. Sissy’s fried oysters are fantastic, ultimately bringing the deviled eggs to a level of almost not bland. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

How exciting it is to see shrimp & grits on any menu. Sissy’s shrimp are served with tomato, piquillo pepper, tasso ham & onion with Homestead Grist Mill grits. The server said there is no way to leave out this particular pork product without getting rid of the sauce. We agreed this was a grand idea and she scampered off to ring in the order. This dish of TOTAL delish all but caused massive plate licking.

My neighbor considered ordering smothered 1855 pork t-bone with bourbon spiked caramelized onion & mushroom gravy with corn bread pudding. Yikes. Last minute health concerns forced him to switch to the house spiced & buttermilk soaked fried chicken with whipped potatoes. Two pieces for $11. That’s right.

And so ends the semi misadventures of Sissy’s. Make a reservation people. Oh, dressing like you’re not from 1987 just might up the shoo in for snagging a seat. Good luck!

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