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Dallas isn’t lacking in seafood, so finding one that’s worth it is a challenge. Chef Richard Chamberlain delivers in every aspect of what one would expect in a successful dining delivery. Having cheffed from Aspen to the Bel Air Hotel in L.A., he’s not messing around.

Having been recognized by the James Beard Foundation as one of the top chefs in America, chef Chamberlain also shares the very same name as a famous movie star slash Broadway extraordinaire. That’s right. His prices are super scary, but the quality speaks volumes. This guy is not freezing fish. No. Way.

Chamberlain’s may be expensive, with a fine dining vibe, BUT, do not expect the need to perform a pretentious protest. Management, servers, and bartenders go above and beyond to make guests feel the fluffy warm fuzzies, unlike Sissy’s (random low blow due to Sissy’s not giving us a table yesterday… growl).

Espresso is the best way to begin dinner. Just saying.

Chamberlain’s happy hour menu is Monday – Friday from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Most of the apps from the main menu are half price. We weren’t given a specialty drink menu and were quite happy with our server’s drink recommendation.

This little paper covering the butter is scandalous. Should it be removed upon delivery? Our server during dinner did not, but during lunch it was removed. Gasp.

Perfection. All fans of corn chowder will love Chamberlain’s. The fish market corn chowder is prepared using clams, crabmeat, corn, cream, and potatoes. Other soups include seafood gumbo with shrimp, crab, and Cajun sausage, or the always exciting lobster bisque with shrimp & crabmeat.

Chilled U-10 shrimp make up the shrimp cocktail. Another app is the house smoked salmon filet with dill tartar sauce, pickled red onions, and toast. Chamberlain’s also offers iron skillet Prince Edward Island mussels with tomatoes, white wine, and garlic.

Watching one particular table neighbor daintily pick at his shrimp tails is frightening. It’s possible to just pull the tail and move on with your life. Why the pain and suffering? This dainty shrimp de-tailing process begins by inserting the knife into the tail just right. Once perfect insertion is complete, it’s time for the lift-shift-wiggle-wiggle. This immediately hurts all witnessing. It’s not okay. Please. Someone has to make him stop.

There’s a 2 person minimum when ordering the combination appetizer semi platter. Expect to receive a chilled U-10 shrimp cocktail, as well as lobster, shrimp & scallop pot stickers, calamari, and spiced ahi tuna.

The mini crab tacos with vegetable slaw and chili lime sauce are a must! We went with lots of apps, instead of having a salad. There are many options, such as Chamberlain’s Caesar salad with roasted pepper dressing and queso fresco, as well as the warm pecan crusted goat cheese & baby spinach salad with sun dried cherries and candied pecans.

Steak & king crab legs are served with an 8 oz. filet mignon and 3/4 lbs of Alaskan king crab legs. Lobster shrimp mac & cheese, saut̩ed spinach with garlic, and Grand Marnier sweet potatoes are a few sides which can be added for $3.99 Р$5.99.

Just when it seemed like a regular end to dinner, all of the sudden, a check presenter like no other was pleasantly placed about our face. This check presenter lights up. Shining brightly beneath our eyes is a white piece of paper with a large number on it.

We stopped by Chamberlain’s today for a quick lunch. Unlike Sissy’s, they are open for lunch service (Another semi low blow to Sissy’s for rejecting our attempt to sashay in for immediate deviled egg app ordering…pause). Service & food were both fantastic, once again.

Chamberlain’s baked Mediterranean style mahi mahi is prepared using white wine with olives, capers, and saffron. Our request to blacken the Mediterranean style mahi mahi was quickly approved. We added a side of shrimp & crab fried rice.

Chilean sea bass with soy glaze and spinach is just one of the many fish listed in the specialty section of the menu. Chamberlain’s has a steelhead trout prepared Hong Kong style with ginger, garlic, shrimp, and ponzu. Also listed is wood roasted rainbow trout with Texas shrimp stuffing and lemon butter, as well as parmesan crusted Honduran tilapia with lobster, scallops, and bay shrimp.

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