Aw Shucks

awshucksASHLISPICTURES-4625-400x300The sun doesn’t shine around an Aw Shucks snob, so please be kind. It is frowned upon to frown when your family says, “Let’s go to Aw Shucks!!” Every person in my family loves when it is their turn to pick where we are going to eat. Sometimes my brain sends signals informing me my family thinks it’s hilarious when they pick the restaurant. I’m convinced this subject is more entertaining than electronics.

For example, we continue to go back to Jake’s every single time it is their turn to pick a place. They love when my veggie burger arrives with stiffly straight, non-melted cheese resting all chilly on top—every single time. They always wonder why I never specifically ask for melted cheese while ordering this sadly cold veggie cheeseburger.

Here’s some free information: Cheese is supposed to arrive melted on a burger. Why does a person have to ask for cheese to arrive melted on a cheeseburger? Even H-Town Chow Down confirmed, via twitter tweeting, that the cheese must be melted on a burger. I believe him and you should too.

Before ordering clam chowder, a full blown investigation into where the clam chowder is kept occurred. It’s simple to check out the kitchen while waiting for food to be placed in a mini-pick-up area. It was really weird when all I could focus on was the tiniest white board with orders written all over the place. The counter-girl at Aw Shucks is a genius to be able to handle this kind of order-taking pressure. Customers place their order in one area. The order-girl uses a marker to write the order on a microscopic white board, which gave me the shakes. This white board form of ordering freaked me out even more than the fact that we were having lunch at Aw Shucks.

When we went to Aw Shucks for the first time, I started worrying while analyzing how Aw Shucks could possibly keep up with people paying or– not paying. Paying later is like something my grandfather used to do downtown after eating a grilled cheese and shopping at the dime store when I was a kid. The world isn’t as nice as it used to be. Without a bill physically given, the register girl chilling by the door is at the mercy of each customer’s honesty. She asked us what we ate on the way out and that was that. No bill, paper, check– nada.

What if we had nine orders of crab legs and only confessed to having one? Two shady students in my baking and pastry class would do something like that. They stole the piece of tin-foil torn to wrap my freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in. Who’s to say they’d fess up to ordering a boatload of crab legs at Aw Shucks? I’m like an expert when discussing people stealing pictures, tin-foil, and mise en place.

The cooks at Aw Shucks, as well as the other employees, work hard and it shows. If my family picks Aw Shucks the next time it is their turn, then life will carry on happily. I’m not sure I can ever trust the grease though, but I’ll work on it.

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FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

Aw Shucks Dallas
3601 Greenville Ave
Dallas, Texas

Big Shucks Dallas
6232 E. Mockingbird Ln
Dallas, Texas

Big Shucks Richardson
103 S. Coit Rd
Richardson, Texas

Aw Shucks Lewisville
1630 S. Stemmons Fwy
Lewisville, Texas






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