Dim Sum at Kirin Court

012075c19f787ae28fdd6ae930dc07c216e92b7a1c We went to Kirin Court for dim sum to celebrate a friend’s birthday week. Upon arrival, this particular person let us know that it wasn’t actually the day of her birth. She went on to explain that she has one full week of birthday celebrating each year, which only seems possible when a person has tons of time, no job, and friends without much responsibility.

Ditching the basic actual-day-of-birth celebration and adding  six extra days would only work if a person has enough friends to invite a different group to each birthday lunch or dinner. If not, the same friends will become sad after singing “Happy Birthday” seven times in a row. It’s just not right.

I decided to stop analyzing and began thinking about how to handle ordering dim sum. The best thing for confused people to do during dim sum dining is to accept that dim sum dining is confusing. Total dim sum rookies need to know a few things. Sit down and relax. People push carts around with dumplings, rolls, and pastry items. They also have a selection of balls such as steamed beef balls, fried taro balls, and shrimp balls.

Customers are given a card to stamp each time food has been ordered. The chosen dishes are yours to eat by rotating the glass part of the table until the preferred food is in front of your face. Think tapas dining and things will work out perfectly. The process is fast and interesting. Even though the cart people do not have time for questions, I ask if pork is a part of the process of the food they are slinging from their cart. I’ll take it as long as pig parts are not an ingredient.














As far as everything else goes, it’s no big deal. Half of the time I have no idea what I’m eating during dim sum dining and really don’t care. Besides pork ingredients, the other details aren’t necessary because the food does not disappoint. Things are seriously happening way too fast to keep up with dish titles. Think of dim sum as a relaxed meal without a lot of questions and everything will work out fine.

Kirin Court obviously knows how confused average people are because they have a dim sum menu on their website with pictures included. This menu with pictures will make it possible for customers to check out what they’ve eaten when they get home. Kirin Court’s dim sum menu with pictures of complete kindness is—> here.






FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch



Kirin Court
221 W Polk Street, Suite 201
Richardson, TX 75081





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