Everyone Should Be a Regular at Henry’s Majestic


Having been to a menu tasting, a baby shower happy hour, and a Zomato meetup at Henry’s Majestic– please know this place is something to write home about. The first tasting was a happy occasion because Roe DiLeo is currently running the show as executive chef where she’s nothing but awesome. After watching chef Roe on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, she definitely held her own then and is doing the same in the kitchen at Henry’s Majestic now.







Our second visit to Henry’s Majestic was for a baby shower with the guest of honor being none other than a man. A husband finally got to have all the baby shower fun while his pregnant wife sat home with the air conditioner on full blast. This was a diaper-only shower, so his pregnant wife would have probably been bored seeing an explosion of diapers beneath tons of wrapping paper while being 9 months preggo. Just so the internet receives more information than it should, she actually gave birth to her baby boy that very same night! Go figure and congratulations.






The absolute best news came last week after finding out the very first Zomato meetup would be held at Henry’s Majestic. Zomato used to be Urbanspoon. It’s important to know how much Zomato means to Almost Veggies. They aren’t even close to being considered comparable to the saddest review website in the history of super sad websites called– Yelp.

My future projection projects Zomato becomes so powerful Yelp will go out of business causing restaurants everywhere to fist pump to the heavens with loud cheers of joy. Do you think Zomato would ever force business owners to advertise or else suffer mob-like consequences? I think not. Zomato cares about business owners, writers, eaters, and the basic happiness of all humans of the world. This is how I feel, so it must be true.





There were about ten or twelve food lovers gathered around a table filled with food when I arrived to the Zomato meetup. Every single attendee went out of their way to get to know each other. Imagine the entire block shaking with shock the very second each person smiled and happily engaged in conversation. It was such a wonderful change to not feel like being around the cast of Mean Girls. Not all Texans throw shade in the world of writing, but more than several food bloggers in Dallas do.

Moving from Houston to Dallas has been filled with both smiles and shade, so it was refreshing to sit with a group who positively showcased a different kind of vibe. The best part of the night was finally meeting Itty Bitty Foodies! Hallelujah. She is someone I hope to have a zillion lunches beginning tomorrow because she is the bomb. I’m looking forward to the next Zomato meetup since the first at Henry’s Majestic truly was a welcoming experience all the way around.


The menu for Henry’s Majestic is—> here.
Henry’s Majestic
4900 McKinney Avenue
Dallas,TX 75205








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