Meso Maya

Yes, Meso Maya uses lard to prepare the rice and beans. Maybe all Mexican restaurants do this. Maybe this is a question I forgot to ask for the last twenty years. None of this matters because Meso Maya lives up to every word previously heard. It’s a Mexican fiesta just sitting there on Preston Road. For starters, Meso Maya nailed the atmosphere. That’s just how I feel. There’s something that slams the most refreshing feeling anyone could expect when eating at a Mexican restaurant.

I used to work as a hostess at a Mexican restaurant in high school. I hardly ever said hello with an over-the-top cheerful voice. It’s not necessary. People start to get nervous. No one is falling for this happy act. Hostesses need to calm down. I felt like I’d rather get fired than act excited when the customers left. The owner wanted me to say, “Hope you enjoyed everything! PLEASE come back and see us very soon!” Why can’t a hostess just say thank you and goodbye in a regular way? This is what customers really want.

The owner at the Mexican restaurant where I worked was a loud laugher. She was so loud it hurt my ears all the time. I don’t understand why she had to laugh so loud. She used the same laugh whether something was really funny or basic funny. There are several different laughs for different levels of funny. I understand that if you talk loud all the time, then the odds are high that you will laugh loud, too. No one likes this. No one can laugh with you because they forget what was funny due to this cack-cack-cackle you’ve got going on. It hurt my feelings almost every single shift.

Even worse, she wore this bright pink lipstick all the time. This lipstick may have been unobtrusive if only she kept it on her loud laughing lips. She went outside of the lip lines all the time. This lowered the chances of us laughing with her even more. All we could focus on was the spectacle of crazy pink lipstick on her face. It really kind of stressed me out.

It was really weird when Cane Rosso’s Jay Jerrier walked in with his family for brunch. I had just written about stalking him the previous day. I kept thinking this moment could potentially scare him. He was sitting behind me. I kept doing a quick glance to make sure it was him. Should I say hi? Is this awkward? I decided not to say hi, which was the best possible decision for anyone trying to look like a non-stalker.

Moving right along…

The first thing I look for on the menu at a Mexican restaurant is the possibility of ordering shrimp tacos. While sitting at the bar, there were two ladies beside me eating shrimp tacos. They heard me order and started raving about how fantastic the shrimp tacos are at Meso Maya. They come in for these tacos at least three times per week.

When they spoke to me, I immediately realized they might be socialites. They were both wearing workout clothes, had perfect hair, and zero wrinkles. Socialites have been growing on me lately. Maybe I’ve been all wrong about them. Maybe I’m destined to have a socialite BFF. It’s starting to feel right. Maybe I’ve been a little too hard on all the socialites in Houston and Dallas. Since I’m a full-time food writer now, um, I need someone to lunch with. Aren’t socialites the only people free for lunch during the day? Other people are working. Besides, there’s no way housewives have time to lunch with all those kids, as well as laundry and other duties at home.

Dessert! It was over as soon as the bartender started talking about blueberries. After eating this skillet of blueberry joy, forget about it. He said this could be considered one of their signature desserts and I believe him. What more could a girl want from brunch? I got to see Jay Jerrier, made a brand new socialite best friend, and ate lots of delicious Mexican food. Go me!

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

Meso Maya
11909 Preston Road #1426
Dallas, TX 75230
Preston Forest Square‎

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