Truluck’s was chosen for our lunch celebration a few weeks ago. We were seated at a table that felt very important… This big comfy booth included not just one waiter, but three, including a person solely in charge of keeping our chilly glass carafe filled with water.

There is no denying the service in the dining room at Truluck’s is outstanding. More importantly, the waitstaff uniforms ooze excitement, looking similar to a chef’s jacket.

Every server is dressed like a… Chef.

I am, of course, aware that Truluck’s is old news to most humans living in Houston. There is no excuse as to why I have just recently entered this crab meat haven.

After hearing countless stories from my foodie friend about the “All You Can Eat Crab Claws” offered one night a week, it appeared this dining experience has been long overdue.

We started with the Sautéed Super Lump Crab Cake. It’s hard to get excited about crab cakes these days. It is almost always listed as an appetizer option at seafood restaurants. The goal is to stay away from crab cakes loaded with breading and not much crab. Happily, Truluck’s crab cake is full of quality.

My entrée came with a basic snoozer salad, or at least it was, until I added… pecans.

During lunch, Truluck’s offers several entrée salads. The Knife & Fork Caesar Salad consists of hearts of romaine served with grilled crostini, anchovies, shaved pecorino & fresh lemon, served with creamy Caesar dressing. The almost always basic Shrimp Caesar is another option.

One of the several servers at our beck & call soon arrived with a crab tray, showing examples of the different crab being offered. His suggestion was… King Crab.

Um, Shocker.

This upselling soldier wasted no time explaining that Dungeness is challenging to eat, in comparison to the always painless King Crab experience.

Little did he know he was in the presence of a… Professional Dungeness Crab Eater. Having worked in the crab restaurant industry (no need to say the name…yikes) throughout college, believe me, I know crab.

Dungeness is $50 a pound, with choices beginning at a pound & a half. Although frightening, not the end of the world.

My entrée arrived with the crab head… um… placed on top of the crab, which caused me to sigh and possibly morn for a moment. As with the always surprising arrival of fish with the face & tail attached, I would prefer someone kick me with a steel toe Texas cowboy boot. Yes. That’s right.

My entrée was served with a side of asparagus & rice. Surprisingly, the butter tower arrived with cold butter… Cold to the point it was a solid and not a liquid. There is no way the itty bitty fire beneath this solid stick of sadness is going to melt in time, therefore, it had to be… sent back.

Having three servers made this task obtainable. Within minutes, I was dipping the Dungeness Crab in heated butter heaven. Applause.

While proving my Champion Crab Claw Cracker status to my foodie friend, a spastic rapid cracking fit occurred, resulting in a sliced knuckle. It was worth it… It’s always a great feeling to receive an injury in the name of food.

After having a successfully happy lunch at Truluck’s, we decided to return the following week for Happy Hour. The menu online is somewhat different from the menu being offered in Houston.

I asked about the King Crab Deviled Egg appetizer, as well as the Creamy Blue Crab Dip. The bartender quickly snapped, “The website is different than what some of the restaurants offer… It states that on the website.”

Relax Mister.

We started with the Shrimp Crab Rangoon. Honestly, nothing to write home about on this one. Another shrimp appetizer offered on the HH menu is the Hot & Crunchy Shrimp.

My neighbor at the bar ordered this app and it appeared deeply deep fried, hence the word “crunchy.” We decided to pass on this one.

The Crab Cake Sliders are excellent, being a meal within itself. Lots of crab, not overly filled with breading, just as it was during lunch. It is possible to get a little excited about the crab cakes at Truluck’s.

Not fully understanding why I am totally uninspired to write about Truluck’s, I decided to return a third time. What’s the deal?

I arrived during lunch and took a seat at the bar. Wow. The only seat available was in the middle of a bar full of… suits. I appeared totally pitiful. Why would a girl be alone at a restaurant bar during lunch, surrounded by successful businessmen? Cough!! Cough!!

The closest two power houses sitting beside me started a conversation about Bryan Caswell. “You know, Bryan Caswell was on the Iron Chef. He is a pretty big deal here in Houston. Just wait until he opens his new restaurant in Montrose… I want in on that deal.”

Ugh… I am positive Bryan Caswell could care less if I choke on a veggie meatball and die, but… I would much rather hear about Master Chef Bob at La Trattoria Tuscano. He is the real Iron Chef in my humble foodie book.

After sitting in the bar for about ten minutes on the third & final visit, I decided it was time to depart. Although Truluck’s seems to be boring me into foodie coma, they do achieve a high standard for the quality of food & service given, with a powerful atmosphere as well. Although expensive, you will receive the total package.

P.S. Don’t forget your pillow & sleeping bag.

FIVE: High 5!
FOUR: Please & Thank You
TWO: Double Wow
ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

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  1. How come you didn’t try the Stone Crab? 😀 It’s what they’re famous for…

    I agree, you shouldn’t eat anything you can’t look in the eye and kill; even fish.

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