Kiran’s has been keeping a massive manager secret. This manager mystery was unraveled recently, soon after opening the door for dinner. Standing in a sweat producing stance, was a man owning the most ultimate swagger of any restaurant manager in the state of Texas. Rawad Semaan is simply not playing swagger games with anyone.

Having first met at The Grove two years ago, he proved his savvy exceptional while behind the bar making his GQ Bombay Sapphire award winning drink… Summer in Bombay. Our next encounter occurred during a tasting upstairs at Robert Del Grande’s Pizzeria Alto. This is *THE* first moment I witnessed a true slow-motion swagger. For those of you who have not witnessed an authentic slow-motion swagger, get into your car and drive to Kiran’s, for Rawad is now… The Manager.

Just because a person has a fiancé does not mean Rawad’s swagger can be swept under the Indian rug at Kiran’s. This would be an injustice to managers possessing swagger everywhere.

Married? Swagger shall exist. Fiancé? Swagger will continue to be up in your engaged club. Proposing to your longtime girlfriend over a fine dining dinner at Kiran’s? Prepare to be ignored while she’s uncontrollably locked in a Versace suit stare.

Let’s not waste a single second before mentioning our server. I assumed Indian food was scary for most of my life. This was actually total intimidation for lack of Indian food education. <— Dumb. With a server like ours, it didn’t matter. He’s probably one of the best servers I’ve ever had. In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t know his name.

He said his name in the beginning, so why should he be forced to perform a name repeat? There are certain service industry rules set for me that don’t necessarily apply to others. The server name repeat just so happens to be one of those rules. Pretending to know his name was the only option.

Soup Flight

Crab Cakes
Strawberry Sorbet
Chilean Sea Bass with Mango Chutney

One thing chef Kiran cares about is veggie people. Most menu sections do not produce this much vegetarian joy. Order a “vegetarian feast” to experience Paneer Makhni, Bagare Bengan, Besan Kadi, English Cucumber Raita, Saffron Rice Pulao, and Paratha.

What all of these things are, well, I have no idea. Not being a superstar Indian cuisine expert isn’t sending this person into an end of the world moment. What matters most is not being frightened anymore. Please & thanks.

Chai Ice Cream

Chocolate Samosas
filled with chocolate hazelnut ganache served with salted caramel & chai ice cream
Trio of Crème Brulée
saffron, pistachio & cardamom

Chef Kiran Verma’s reputation as one of the top chefs in Houston is spot on. Not only has she succeeded in creating a gorgeous fine dining atmosphere with incredible cuisine, um, she has also hired… Rawad.

Executive Chef Kiran Verma
photo via

There is nothing more for this chef to do. Plan a relaxing vacation on a beach somewhere. Take a bow, for your job is done– completely finished. This is what being at the top is all about.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

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  1. I wrote about the service & food. I didn’t go into lots of detail because I’m a complete Indian food rookie. Kiran is a fantastic chef. Maybe you should read it one more time. 🙂

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