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Owner Jenni Tran-Weaver’s massively sassy menu produces jolts of dish name joy at her nifty noodle house in the Heights. Let us not forget to mention the standard Jenni has set for what is acceptable paper to use for the ultimate to-go menu. This is not your average lame paper people. Texture comparable to that of a lusciously laminated gift, this miracle has yet to wrinkle since becoming one with my purse nearly a week ago.

What seemed like an ordinary day was anything but. One friend in particular maintained almost 8 forehead frown wrinkles at the very thought of AVH having lunch at Jenni’s without possessing proper knowledge for Vietnamese dining. Really? I’m sorry you wave menus on a regular basis just to get a glass of water or a fork. Other people with dynamite dining skills need not hear such rubbish in which his mouth was about to spout.

What he pretended to be a random Vietnamese cuisine conversation brought forth a painfully plain & simple statement. This expert revealed that under no circumstances is “pho” pronounced using the long o. Double no. Repeating became impressive as he almost quipped, “DO YOU UNDERSTAND? IT IS NOT OKAY TO SAY LONG O PHO… SAY PHAAAAAAAH, like at the doctor’s office!” My friend feels that upon making this mistake, one must continue life with a face of total disgrace.

Faux Pho is listed in the soup section, so pronouncing this pho with a long o would have left all cash register service industry workers cringing. Faux Pas… Faux Phaaaahhhh. Practice vowel sounds or beat it. Get lost. Scram. That’s the word on the street.

Thai Spicy Shrimp Soup with straw mushrooms, tomatoes, four jumbo shrimp, cilantro, and a side of jasmine rice is another of the many choices at JNH. Most exciting of all soups to see is the Mama Tran Spicy Shrimp Soup with sprouts, okra, pineapple (pause), tomatoes, and shrimp in a tamarind broth. Xin vui lòng và cảm ơn bạn.

A debacle of dumplings call JNH home. Whether it be Disco Dumplings or the always crowd pleasing… Teaser Dumplings, expect their arrival crispy or steamed, with a choice of chicken, veggies, or… pork. Also in the starter section are shrimp spring rolls with lettuce, vermicelli, mint, and a side of peanut sauce.

Menu’s don’t lie, with the Art Car Curry dish described as “Vegan Heaven,” having potato, mushrooms, carrots, and tofu with jasmine rice. In this section of noodles & more, one must order Stir Me Crazy with rice noodle, shitake, bamboo, snow peas, and sprouts. Breeze by the choice to add pork to this product and soundly sit with the always containing no meat… tofu .

Sexy Salad with Tofu can also be found all hot & bothered in the noodles & more section. Lettuce, sprouts, cucumbers, and tomatoes arrive with a choice of chicken or tofu, and are excitedly served with a side of spicy peanut dressing.

By the by, Jenni hearts healthy kids, proving it with an “add veggies for free” option. Kids from all around town will instantly feel FAO Swartz-kick-up-your-heels-happy upon hearing Logan menu choices. Any intelligent child in existence could only be eager to order upon seeing chicken fried rice, wontons, egg rolls, or the highly forcing children to want… chicken with butter & rice noodles.

The Vermicelli Salad section offers several appealing almost veggie choices. All are served in a bowl of vermicelli, lettuce, sprouts, cucumbers, pickled carrots, and roasted peanuts with a side of super secret house sauce. Our winning dish of salt & peppery shrimp delish arrived with 6 pan seared shrimp. Jenni’s also serves a Lemongrass Tofu salad, as well as Rockin’ Veggies with snow peas, bamboo, shiitake, carrots, red onions, and broccoli with a ginger-jalapeno soy sauce.

Jenni doesn’t just give oodles of noodles, oh no. Placed upon the counter is the opportunity to live by her 7 Laws of Spiritual Success. If only the 6th day of the week were reality for all. Having trenched through life, following Jenni’s Saturday solution is the perfect rebound back.

Trade in all uncertainty while spontaneously emerging from chaos as a problem solving human of total majesticness. After flipping this card over to read the “Diva Prayer,” prepare to experience a burning urge to give Jenni a… hug.

The total lack of medical care available to service industry workers is super sad. Houston saw firsthand with Linda Salinas, as she struggled financially to escape medical expenses from a serious scooter accident this past year. Jenni’s Noodle House took a step to protect by establishing the Noodle Care Program for employees to access during an emergency. While tasting a vegan cookie from a local baker, Jenni realized she could use the chocolate chip-oholic and peanut butter & yummy vegan cookies to raise money. Every single cent goes into the program, so buy some cookies people!

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Vegans rejoice! Explosions erupt all over the menu. Fear not, fret, nor yada, for almost 40 dishes await your wallet. Luck is also present for people liking swimmers, or the always frightening animals that walk. With three locations around Houston, a visit to Jenni’s Noodle House is quite simply a no brainer.

FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch

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