Buffet Food Secrets at Lone Star Park’s Horse Race

Horse races make loads of people go bonkers. Being a first-timer meant paying attention to the directions of how this fiesta works. There are lots of different horse races, so there’s plenty of time to eat and drink between betting a few dollars when you feel lucky.

The buffet will cost each person around $30. With this purchase one lucky customer will receive unlimited visits to the buffet, a paper bracelet used for buffet entry, and a “free” glass of champagne. No one at our table drank more than a tiny sip before begging someone, anyone, to take it away. It was pretty shady champagne, people.

The best news ever was finding out a pasta tossed with shrimp was hidden in the corner. The five other people at our table wondered how the above mentioned shrimp of complete shrimp glory were on my plate. There’s a catch. Isn’t there always a catch?

The only shrimp out in the open is placed beside a pasta guy making dishes with ingredients customers point to. The shrimp this guy used was mixed with shady pretend-crab. No, just no. The only way to stuff your face with hot jumbo shrimp was to be that person who digs through the secret shrimp pasta hidden in the corner.

This is an insider tip, so don’t tell your friends until you are stuffed on all of the hidden shrimp in the far right corner of the buffet area. I told my husband early because it was the right thing to do.

There are different employees walking around when betting people are ready to place a bet. Our friend didn’t even know she won lots of money. This was a Christmas morning moment for her. Please, smile and feel happy because this can easily happen to you while spending a day at the races.