Fearing’s Brunch

People who live life worrying about having crazy great food and service on each birthday need to go to Fearing’s. Service being out of control perfect is something that’s often hard to find. Who wants to worry about being turned & burned on their birthday? Fearing’s would love for you to stay as long as your brain tells you to. Every time we have ever been to Fearing’s, we’ve been blown away by the entire experience. Dean Fearing is to food like Sinatra is to New York City. He is the chef-bomb.

First-world-problems have the potential of exploding all over the place during dining on your birthday. What if the server in charge of your birthday happiness is hung-over? You might wait with an empty class of champagne for six minutes. What is up with that? Or maybe you are still eating an app when your entrée sadly arrives early. The potential horror is unbearable to even think about. Fearing’s would never allow these things to happen.

Crispy Halibut Tacos
white corn tortillas, blue cheese,
sriracha chili sauce, mango/pickled red onion salad

There’s a three-course brunch for around $50. This is pocket change when you compare the cost of brunch to dinner. I knew my entire order from start to finish before getting in the car on Sunday. The first and only starter needed was the fish taco. It didn’t feel deep-fried, which makes everyone happy. The fish was halibut, so there you go. If sauce isn’t oozing down your face, then you need to consider relaxing a bit. This taco is pure joy at the highest level. They have a shrimp taco I’ve had during lunch that is equally important to your taste buds.

Shrimp & Brazos Valley White Cheddar Grits
roasted garlic butter sauce, pico de gallo

Choirs of angels will rejoice in song when this dish is delivered. Of course the shrimp is wrapped in prosciutto. Shrimp & grits seem to have a destiny with pork products no matter what. The good news is being able to leave it off. If I wasn’t trying to be classy, I would have asked for an extra side of white cheddar grits. That’s the only thing that could have made the sun shine brighter—> more grits.

Look, no one needs to complain about the serving size of grits during brunch at Fearing’s. If you have this thought, please remember this restaurant is located inside the Ritz Carlton. Hoity-toity places usually have smaller portions, so accepting this as reality is the right thing to do. Be classy, Dallas.

Banana Pudding
homemade vanilla wafers, toasted meringue,
bananas foster sauce, warm beignets

Banana pudding with bananas foster sauce and beignets? Yes, please! This is something else I could order 1,000 times infinity. There’s no reason to take pictures of this dish again. If a dessert can win a James Beard Award, then the banana pudding with bananas foster sauce and beingets should already be a winner.

There’s never going to be anything wrong with Fearing’s. One misconception is that you have to be loaded to dine at Fearing’s. We’ve never been during dinner because the way the day feels inside the restaurant is something incredible enough. The very best table, ever, that reminds me of table 45 at Brennan’s in Houston, is the last table on the left when you walk inside. Do this. The three-course brunch menu with a few glasses of Prosecco is worth saying goodbye to $100.

Important News: This weekend I will be in none other than Atlantic City with my childhood BFF. Friday night we are having dinner at Bobby Flay Steak. Some people crack on Bobby Flay, but he is obviously doing something right because Bobby Flay. The menu has a boatload of lobster dishes, so things are definitely on the up and up. Stay tuned for Atlantic City food.

FIVE: High 5! ***

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch