Just When It Seemed Like A Regular Day… UPS Arrived

Who knew a UPS truck driver with the coolest 1982 rat tail would make today one of the greatest days in the history of great days? Who knew? UPS knew– that’s who. His walk was in slow motion as he made his way to the front door with a perfectly wrapped package. He then followed all UPS delivery procedures as he gently placed it against the door before ringing the bell. It had to be addressed to me or life would be a bother until another UPS truck stopped by with a new package.

Since my dogs are super smart, they were extra interested in the above mentioned package of total euphoric feelings. As they barked, I walked outside to take a picture of the package before checking who it belonged to. My husband is an important business person, so he could easily own this delivery.

Walking inside was weird because my right eye kept twitching even though eye twitching hurts my feelings. This was the exact moment the package was confirmed to be addressed to none other than me. There would be no returning to sender because the contents of this package were from Le Cordon Bleu. The only reason Le Cordon Bleu would send a student something in the mail, minus tuition bills for non-payers, is to reward a student with a diploma.

Using scissors was the right thing to do while opening the special delivery which arrived exactly 34 minutes ago. If the entire internet is not sitting on the edge of their computer chair feeling full-blown diploma suspense, well, then you all need to pump up the volume while raising the roof a little higher. It’s not every day a person receives a culinary school diploma from a rat-tail-wearing UPS driver. Come on, internet people! We have been on this journey together. All of those classes with scary students, nice students, lazy students, mise-en-place-stealing students, etc… Let’s do this!

Whoop. Whoop. Hip-hip-hooray. Bon appétit and all of that other stuff! Please give yourselves a round of reading applause. You deserve it!

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