Ditching Precious Pets at the Vet During Holidays

The saddest part about the holidays is dropping our dogs off at the vet to temporarily live in a cage surrounded by barking strangers, as well as meowing cats of complete and total terror.  My two chihuahuas are used to being tucked in at night with at least two stolen blankets courtesy of American Airlines. Our third dog, Gracie, doesn’t like blankets, so. Does anyone think busy vet workers have time to tuck Pico and Taco in properly while we are somewhere stuffing our faces during some kind of holiday cheer? No.

Suddenly, at some point during the vet’s existence, they decided to close each Saturday at noon. This is as sad as saying goodbye. People not arriving before this time will be forced to wait until Monday morning to hug their pets. For this reason, we are on our way home from Austin at 8am today. We probably do not have time to stop by Starbucks or even fill the car up with gas.

What about Czech Stop? How will we ever have time to stand in the longest line in the history of long lines for an egg salad sandwich to stuff with spicy Doritos? Czech Stop is a mandatory stop from Austin to Dallas, so speeding is the only option.

We will not be speeding because speeding is against the law. Attempting to speed would result in a scary person mailing a letter stating speeding to retrieve dogs is not to be tolerated. Merry Christmas.

Dog drama hasn’t hampered our Thanksgiving. We spent a few days having a blast with our wonderful relatives. Holidays spent with family are worth ditching precious pets at the vet.