Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar

Sissy'sThis visit to Sissy’s was exactly what we had always hoped for. The first time our family attempted to have lunch we were— denied. We did look like sweaty grease balls when we walked in without a reservation that piping hot afternoon way back when, but we didn’t expect the hostess to be somewhat of an all-star snob.

Even though we wanted the deviled eggs so much it hurt that day, the hostess wasn’t having it. No reservation means no table– even though the restaurant was practically empty. This moment in the past was an above average bummer. Happily, we came back the next day, with a reservation, and completed our deviled egg feat.

All negativity is a part of the past after our most recent visit to Sissy’s. Moving on was a great idea this week because the deviled eggs at Sissy’s were excellent. Besides tobiko caviar covered deviled eggs worthy of a standing ovation, there was a host working the host station who was— nice.

deviled egg
deviled eggs with tobiko caviar

Most shrimp & grits around town seem to always have some kind of pork product somewhere in the grits or the sauce. The last time I ordered the shrimp & grits at Sissy’s I asked for zero sauce. This time the chef surprised me with a different sauce which excluded pig. Chefs do not have time to whip up a new sauce for shady customers, so this gift was truly appreciated.

Please do not ask sauce details because I have no idea. I should have asked, but a fly landed in my friend’s drink, which meant being distracted was an uncontrollable reality. Our server brought a new drink over, so my friend was happy even though she didn’t know she was being charged twelve more dollars for the fly-free replacement drink. Wouch.

shrimp & grits
shrimp & grits

This brings up a good discussion for people who like to write sad comments disagreeing with the way I feel. If a fly falls into your $12 drink, should you be given a new $12 drink for free? Yes. Yes, is the answer. Even if you are outside on a patio and a gigantic buzzing fly lands where it shouldn’t, replacing the tainted drink is the right thing for a restaurant to do. Customers will likely leave happy rather than think of a fly every time someone mentions Sissy’s.

After a full-blown $12 drink investigation, there was an extra $12 charge for the replacement drink, which is a super sad first world problem. I guess it could go either way, depending on how management feels. Luckily, the man in charge that day quickly removed the scary $12 charge from our check after realizing he wanted to. Suddenly, our first world problem was gone, forcing our lunch to have a happy ending.

Hopefully everyone in Dallas has experienced the shrimp & grits at Sissy’s, as well as the deviled eggs. Word on the street is that all people love Sissy’s fried chicken, too. Please, make a reservation and enjoy!


Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar
2929 Henderson Avenue
Dallas, Texas




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