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Woe. I’ve been going to Faces & Names every single time I’ve visited New York City since 1997. Located beside the London Hotel, everything about this place is an explosion of super secret fun. Or maybe I was having more fun than local New York people have because being a tourist forces a certain hyperness to happen.

It’s a non-club that feels like a mini-club after dark. It’s a bar where no one is a stranger, which should be scary but it’s not. Please do not tell anyone, but people misbehave here in the best way. I never thought of dropping by during the day for lunch. It was really weird, but seemed like the right thing to do since Faces & Names was on the same street as my hotel recently.


veggie burger
veggie burger

Having never tried their veggie burger until a couple of weeks ago, imagine the shock upon realizing the food at Faces & Names is actually good. The veggie burger was fall apart perfect. You can always tell when a veggie burger is going to suck before ever tasting it. When this hunk of joy was delivered, I knew the deal was sealed. First, the cheese. Simply glance at the cheese and feel complete calm come over your entire body. Everything about the cheese on this veggie burger is correct. Miracles!

So many restaurants send out a burger with a single slice of cold Kraft cheese, not even close to being melted. Sad cheese on anything is worse than sad, it’s depressing. No one has to worry about sad cheese on the veggie burger at Faces & Names. It’s gloriously melted and the rest of the burger beneath is spot on. The day became even brighter when the server said it was not frowned upon to substitute a salad instead of having fries. Healthy people, rejoice!





FIVE: High 5!

FOUR: Please & Thank You


TWO: Double Wow

ONE: Wow + Ouch = Wouch
Faces & Names
159 W 54th St
New York, New York
Between 6th Ave and 7th Ave









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Faces & Names

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