Purposely Eating at Olive Garden in New York City

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We took a walk to Times Square soon after checking into our hotel. Standing as high as the sky was none other than a gigantic Olive Garden. If not being held at gunpoint, there’s really no way to fully explain eating at Olive Garden while visiting New York City. Sometimes it’s fine to do things that boggle the mind. Things that make you second guess your purpose in life. Make you shake your head  in disbelief while trying to figure out how to ever breathe again. All of this is what happens after choosing to have dinner at Olive Garden in New York City— on purpose.

The entire internet is going to feel warm fuzzies upon hearing we went to Olive Garden because my daughter wanted to. It was her first trip to New York City and, most importantly, eating at Olive Garden gave her a perfect view of the mega M&M store from our table. That’s right. A girl’s trip means having a view of the mega M&M store matters. Look at the left side of the picture to see a real M&M holding on to the Empire State Building. Every 11 year old likes this! After dinner we were going to party down at the biggest M&M store ever. It makes perfect sense to eat at Olive Garden if a person is going to head over to the M&M store four minutes after dinner. Am I right? This information is correct? Yes? There’s no need for therapy?

2015-06-05 21.02.21

We cruised up an escalator and were quickly given a buzzer. This particular buzzer lit up fast. We soon found ourselves seated at a cozy little two-top in the corner on the second floor. The best news was that we were not worried about how many calories Olive Garden’s food contained or that the ingredients were most likely not organic or really full-blown Italian quality. It was fried this and that with pretend pasta here and there without a bit of guilt. We were on vacation and food-guilt wasn’t invited.

2015-06-05 20.59.58

2015-06-05 22.50.40

The goal was all about getting pumped up for the M&M store while having dinner. People who do not get pumped up about the mega M&M store in Times Square should never be given candy again. They should have to stare at people who appreciate the mega M&M store for hours. While staring, they should have to eat non-organic raw vegetables as the M&M store appreciators eat chocolate covered peanuts and other items purchased at the world’s best candy store. Also, the big M&M guy should lecture these sad people just long enough to make them admit their mega M&M store mistake.

2015-06-05 22.16.53

2015-06-05 21.38.18

2015-06-05 21.37.29-1

2015-06-05 21.37.43


2015-06-05 21.44.53

2015-06-05 21.44.48

Our waiter was in the weeds, but do you think that stopped our Olive-Garden-M&M-store-visual-joy from existing? No way. Did we get everything at once? Sure. This was one time it didn’t matter. Be in the weeds, guy. Don’t refill our water. Bring our apps, entrees, and desserts one on top of the other. No problem. The sun will still shine tomorrow while sitting at Olive Garden in Times Square.

Olive Garden
2 Times Square
New York, NY 10036



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