Nilton “Junior” Borges Named Chef de Cuisine of Uchi Dallas

Chef de Cuisine
Chef de Cuisine
Nilton “Junior” Borges
photo via Erica Wilkins

Breathe. Please, breathe. Uchi news is the best news. Uchi email is the best email. Uchi coming to Dallas is breathtakingly joyous. It’s like being healthy and in shape without trying. Everyone should feel this excited about Uchi news. Reading my email almost brought tears of massive happiness today. Uchi has named Nilton “Junior” Borges, Jr. as their Chef de Cuisine, which can only mean they are one major step closer to opening.

I love Uchi equally  as much as my Doritos sleeping bag. True story. There is nothing I would not do to eat at Uchi all the time. Uchi in Houston makes Houston a better city. The same applies to Austin. Houston and Austin will finally become one with Dallas as soon as the opening occurs. This is how I feel, so it must be true.

Borges said, “After working in New York City for thirteen years, I’m looking forward to calling Dallas home. I’m excited to focus on seafood while creating inspired combinations of flavor, texture, color, technique and style.”

This chef, who I will soon be facebook friends with, moved to the United States from Rio de Janeiro. He worked at Colicchio & Sons as a lead line cook before becoming executive chef at Amali. We love him without having met him. Uchi will be located on the corner of Maple Avenue and Randall Street.

Uchi, we bow down to your greatness.


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