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IMG_3711 No photos? Say what? What is Sushi Sake thinking? I mean, sure, you guys must be the bomb because my half-Asian husband said so. Maybe he’s been to your restaurant a bunch, but this past month I was a first-timer. Imagine the horror entering a restaurant with a sign daring innocent food people to take pictures of their food. No photos of food is unjust. This kind of expectation is not working out for anyone except the owner. Just relax, please.

The thing about relaxing is that it can happen. Doctors have pills and there are massage parlors all across town. Relaxing is something everyone has the ability to do. The owner of Sushi Sake is having some calming down issues. This is how I feel, so it must be true.

Several things came to mind after reading this heinous sign of above average crime. Maybe this sign at the front door is to inform losers with flashes. I can understand their pain if this is where their photo beef is coming from. Flashing in restaurants is not something anyone should do. This is my opinion, so. My friend and I invented a mini-flashlight-bev-nap-filter that we have yet to patent. He’s busy being an important author, writer, and radio host. He’s probably waiting for me to get the patent. Maybe I can call Shark Tank.

And what is up with the “no stroller” rule? This means you probably shouldn’t bring your baby either. Don’t bother bringing breast milk for your baby without a stroller because breast milk is an outside drink which is not allowed. My husband is a rule follower. He doesn’t like to be around people who break rules. I told him at the front door of Sushi Sake that this sign filled with rules was a total dining deal-breaker. There’s no way. Just no. This sign only made me want to scream from the table tops about all of the glorious pictures of sushi I was about to take. It’s like reverse psychology. It hurts.

There’s a lot to love at Sushi Sake if you can get past the rules.


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Sushi Sake
2150 N Collins Blvd
Richardson, TX 75080




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