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mimosasOur brand new 4th grade neighbor suggested we have brunch this past Sunday at JJ’s Café in Lake Highlands. They have a buffet for $10, which should make everyone happy. Shiny glasses, bottles of champagne, and orange juice are sitting in the corner waiting for people who do not have cancer to turn the ingredients into a glorious mimosa.

Not drinking bottomless mimosas while having two kinds of cancer is the right thing to do. Water can actually be very exciting once it’s decided that drinking water during brunch is spectacular.

One important thing I learned in my buffet & catering class at Le Cordon Bleu is exactly how crucial buffet set-up is. You can’t have the most expensive item at the very beginning of the buffet line. Salads first, cheap next, then not cheap should be at the end. By the time they arrive, all of the hungry customers will have too much food on their plate. There will hardly be any room for the rest. They will hopefully be stuffed before making another round.



The fruit and salad table was first. After that, there was none other than mashed potatoes in all its glory, which was great for a first choice. Meat is last, which means my brilliant buffet & catering culinary school teacher was correct.

tator tots

Please be excited about this buffet having tator tots. I could not eat these tator tots of pure crunchy glory because they were super fried and greasy, but I could adore them from afar. These were perfectly crunchy. Minus a few non-crunchy tator tots, these were the absolute best looking tots I’ve seen in a while.



It was really weird finding out there weren’t any grits or toast on the buffet. How am I supposed to make a scrambled egg sandwich, in which to dip into grits, without grits or toast being included on the now shady buffet? Our server saved the day, noting he had no problem with either request. There wasn’t even a grits and toast up-charge. Amen.

Even though the food could be massively better, those crunchy-looking tots have the power to erase the watery eggs and the heinous attempt at hollandaise. Sorry. JJ’s isn’t exactly the Four Seasons of brunching, but it is filled with nice people with a semi-diner type of vibe and excellent watermelon.

On the up and up, people who enjoy a quick stroll around the shopping center should begin to raise the roof right now. A hardware store just a few doors down from JJ’s Café has a rooster living in their building who is constantly cock-a-doodle-doo-ing. This is why life is worth living.


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FIVE:      High 5!
FOUR:    Please & Thank You
TWO:     Double Wow
ONE:      Wow + Ouch = Wouch
JJ’s Cafe
10233 E Northwest Hwy
Dallas, TX 75238

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