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almostveggiescomWhite Rock Lake is a big lake near our address in Lake Highlands. My thoughtful husband took me for a tour of this lake the very same day we moved to Lake Highlands recently. All kinds of healthy people were bike riding or running really fast. There were also dogs walking and boats sailing.

Fancy houses overlook the large lake, which probably makes all of the rich owners of houses overlooking the lake very happy. Our house doesn’t overlook a lake, so we look at the street. Now that we are all on the same page, please understand how important the above mentioned lake is to this James Beard Award worthy story.

Lake House Bar & Grill is located in none other than the White Rock Lake area. My hungry husband went to dinner there with his friends a couple of weeks ago. A few days later he suggested having brunch at Lake House Bar & Grill. I suddenly started daydreaming about eating at a lake house on a lake. Maybe sitting on the deck was a part of this daydream for a few seconds. Sitting on a deck at a lake house restaurant makes the world a better place.almostveggiescom

It was really confusing while parking at the Lake House Bar & Grill. My husband’s affect let me know my question was annoying. “Where is the lake?” When a person is new to the area and has never been to Lake House Bar & Grill, it is not against the law for that particular person to assume the lake house in on a lake, especially since a lake is involved in the title. Why does he have to disagree with an innocent person thinking there should be a lake in the same location as a lake house? I could be completely wrong since I can’t remember ever actually going to a lake house.

Having brunch at Lake House Bar & Grill was interesting for several other reasons besides the missing lake. Our server was beyond super duper in the weeds by 11:32am. I mean, this guy was not messing around with the weeds he was in. He was sweating. There are several levels of being a server in the weeds. I’ve been in the weeds where breathing was impossible. It was do or die. Being all sweaty in the weeds when the shift just begins is next level weeded.  A full-blown weed investigation began. How many servers are working? How many tables does this guy have? This information is relevant in deciding whether sweating in the weeds while waiting tables is worth it.


The cook’s finger was freaking out on the kitchen bell during the investigation. RING RING RING RING RING RING RING RING RING RING RING RING RING. The ringing of a kitchen bell translates into people need to run food— pronto.  It wasn’t all that busy, so why weren’t people running food and why is this guy in the sweaty-weeds? I decided moving on was the right thing to do.


fried eggs & toast


The queso was basic. My cheese-friendly husband would shout to the highest mountain top that the queso was way better than basic. There’s no way he would go bonkers about the queso if the queso wasn’t worthy of going bonkers unless he was trying to confuse me or being so hungry confused him. His meat lovers flatbread with sausage, salami, pepperoni, and mozzarella made the sun shine extra bright on the non-lake lake house that day. I decided to have the most low maintenance brunch possible by transforming fried eggs with dry toast into a sandwich.

There are many fans of the non-lake Lake House Bar & Grill in Lake Highlands. Check out happy hour Monday through Friday from 4pm – 7pm. They offer $1 off beer, wines by the glass, as well as cocktails.





FIVE:      High 5!
FOUR:    Please & Thank You
TWO:     Double Wow
ONE:      Wow + Ouch = Wouch


Lake House Bar & Grill
7510 East Northwest Hwy
Dallas, TX 75214


Please do not put your lady paper in the toilet. Who does this? There must be more than one person clogging to justify a sign. Come on, people.














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