Stalking Angie Harmon at Coal Vines

photo 4My husband always sits facing the television because facing the television is what manly men face when some kind of sporting event is being televised in a restaurant. Little did I know this was going to finally hurt my feelings for the first time ever. The hostess at Coal Vines did not tell us a super important celebrity was brunching at a ten-top table located in the back corner of the restaurant. Without this knowledge, I agreed to sit facing the patio. Facing the patio is not facing Angie Harmon.
It all started when he let out a high pitched bit of important celebrity information. “Hey, that’s Angie Harmon back there!” The first plan of action was to take an unnecessary trip to the restroom while steadily holding my iPhone camera in her direction, which was a blurry disaster. I didn’t even stay in the restroom to continue the random restroom charade. It soon became fact that my husband was the only option. Selfishly stalking this particular celebrity in hopes of producing an invasion-of-privacy picture was in his hands.

After returning from the restroom, I noticed my husband ate every single fried zucchini piece possible. This fried zucchini is a gift given to customers without even asking. It seemed like he would feel bad enough about eating all of the fried zucchini that he would gladly take a picture of Angie Harmon for me. ”Are you going to take a picture of Angie Harmon since you are facing Angie Harmon?” He said no because he doesn’t like being rude. All he wants to do is eat when we go out to eat. During a dizzy moment of confusion realizing there would be no picture of Angie Harmon, he suddenly remembered his vow for better or worse, which resulted in celebrity picture glory.

Oh, the food? The pizza was average— Not bad. Not jump up and holler. The pizza at Coal Vines was basic. Curtsy.

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Coal Vines Prestonwood @ Look Cinemas
5407 Belt Line Rd
Dallas, TX 75254
T: (972) 661-9669
F: (972) 661-9671



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