Joel Stabile is the new owner of Greenz on McKinney. He said many different things during a mini-media tasting yesterday, but the one that smacked me in the face is his passion for providing customers with excellent service. He might look like a junior high guy, but this brand new owner is not messing around. Most importantly, he’s worked in the industry. People having waited tables or bartended in the past know the service industry deal. When these people own a restaurant, prepare to be pleased.

Before arriving to a place I’ve been invited, some kind of socially awkward behavior begins. I usually analyze the level of just how weird I’m going to feel when I walk in. This is what I do. It’s like a ritual. To confuse myself, the plan of action is to somehow act cool. Just stroll in like John Travolta and take a seat. As I attempted to perform this kind of arrival, I found myself not being cool at all.

After saying hi to lots of writers, I introduced myself as Ashli from Almost Veggies. The person across from me was none other than — Food B!#?h. That’s right. Oh Hey Dallas was sitting to her right. The first time I saw Food B!#?h on twitter tweeting with this kind of name, I couldn’t help but think she may be a b!#?h in real life. Most people usually get called this kind of name when someone is trying to hurt their feelings. It’s not often someone picks this word to be used as a name on purpose. This is what most people think, right? I mean, if your name has b!#?h in it, then strangers over analyzing might get the impression you are sometimes grumpy.

After a full blown investigation, I can conclude that Food B!#?h is actually not a b!#?h at all. She’s quite pleasant. As a matter of fact, I think she effortlessly releases some kind of happy vibe. I’m extremely proud to report this information to everyone on the internet. As for Oh Hey Dallas, she’s super nice and pretty, with well above average eyebrows. Girls know how hard this look is to pull off, right? She’s got the goods, people. Insider Information: Oh Hey Dallas & Food B!#?h are probably BFFs. This is the conclusion I’ve come to. There were lots of hints that lead me to believe this is an accurate statement.

Greenz serves a variety of fresh gourmet salads, as well as wraps, sandwiches, and also soup. My favorite is the asparagus soup, which doesn’t make sense. I’ve never had asparagus soup because it seems like the taste would make my frown wrinkle wrinkle. Not so at Greenz. The asparagus soup is delicious. Sandwiches for almost veggie people include the veggie delight with avocado, red bell pepper, cucumber, and bean sprouts served on harvest wheat with a Mediterranean spread.

Greenz also serves a classic tuna sandwich, turkey club, and a few chicken choices. I didn’t get to taste everything since my 4th grade teacher showed videos to our class that now prevent my brain from accepting pork or beef. Good news though, the other writers made faces of beef and pork pleasure. Greenz is a great spot to stop for a healthy lunch next time you’re in Uptown.



2808 McKinney Avenue #109

Dallas, TX 75204


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