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Cane Rosso is not Papa John’s. Anyone looking for super thick slices of sadness need to keep walking. This place serves authentic Neapolitan pizza following standards set by the Associazione Vera Pizza. Ooh la laa. Please do not be confused. All people really need to know is that the owner of this place rocks.

Jay Jerrier probably considered taking out a restraining order after we twitter stalked him the second we sat down for dinner. While this place was crazy busy, Jay Jerrier could be seen tweeting in between slinging pizza and helping servers out. Could it be that this guy is an owner super hero who doesn’t need PR? Who needs PR tweeting your restaurant’s tweets when you are Jay Jerrier?

Delia pizza with mozzarella, spicy bacon marmalade, arugula, and roasted grape tomatoes

The stalking of Jay Jerrier switched gears the next day when I went to Facebook and typed in his name. Who does this? Stalkers, that’s who. I convinced myself that acting like a stalker was warranted during this kind of restaurant owner investigation. Besides, he was practically our BFF after receiving so much twitter attention the day before. This is probably how stalkers start stalking. Someone is just being normal and the stalker thinks their non existent friendship is actually extra special. These same people start writing weird letters while mumbling half words at bus stops. Jay Jerrier does not have time for this.

As I invaded Jay Jerrier’s privacy even further, something told me to stop. I knew there was no turning back. There was no choice but to read his Facebook page. I’m sorry. Facebook has worked overtime this past year to make people feel like they have privacy. There are at least four new ways to stop stalkers from viewing your page without being a friend. It’s not my fault this citizen didn’t take stalker precaution. Cry me an invasion of privacy river. My finger wanted to push the add friend button, but hesitation happened. Rejection would be depressing. After reading about Jay’s backyard wood-burning oven, it was time to let go.

Focaccia was our appetizer. This bread is a fluffy, melt in your mouth gift sent from heaven. Everything about it is glorious. We each ordered our own pizza. My husband had the Delia with mozzarella, spicy bacon marmalade, arugula, and roasted grape tomatoes.

dessert pizza with mascarpone, nutella, and powdered sugar

I went for the Vegetale pizza with mozzarella, Italian tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, grape tomatoes, olives, and seasonal vegetables. We loved the dessert pizza with mascarpone, nutella, and powdered sugar. Joy.

There’s nothing wrong with Cane Rosso. Nothing. There’s so much right it’s amazing. I don’t know that I’ve seen a better pizza menu in Texas. That’s right. The time and effort these guys put into every ingredient, assuring it tastes fresh and fabulous, is respectable beyond words.

I really haven’t had pizza in Dallas or Houston that comes close in comparison. This place is in a totally different league than any other pizza place around. Jay Jerrier exudes a different kind of passion for quality and excellence. He’s a heart and soul kind of owner and it shows.

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Cane Rosso

2612 Commerce Street

Dallas, TX 75226



IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: Jay Jerrier gave me twitter attention. This twitter attention was free. Just because Jay Jerrier is an above average twitter tweeter, giving random writers some kind of twitter attention, does not sway pizza judgment. If I didn’t like twitter attention, then I would have said I don’t like twitter attention. My opinion is mine and you can’t have it. END OF THIS IMPORTANT BLOGGER DISCLOSURE INFORMING EVERYONE MY TWITTER ATTENTION WAS FREE.


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