Hello, Jasper’s at CityLine

Finding an area to feel excited about has been trying since buying a house in the burbs. Sure, the burbs have this and that, but come on. Since the new Cityline complex offers an above average glimmer of hope, Jasper’s jumped out as a no-brainer place with solid potential. After all, it is Jasper’s.

Jasper’s screams Tito’s is going to be anything but $7. After a full-blown investigation, the bartender revealed that Tito’s is none other than $11, which is not working out for anyone who knows Tito’s should never cost more than $7.

In the end of the very beginning of this happy hour visit, it made sense to go ahead and order Prosecco instead. For those of you feeling sad right now, take a break to quickly think about summer days of sunshine and rainbows.

It was really weird realizing the happy hour mahi taco at Jasper’s was a total flop. The only thing right was mahi being the chosen fish for the $8 tacos. Two tacos arrived looking fancy with a side of shine. Where was this shine coming from? It was different than the kind of taco that oozes all over your face, like at Fearing’s. This was not the same. No, just no.

Please take a moment to peruse decor pictures before we continue to talk about these tacos.

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After taking a closer look, the tacos were soaking wet with some kind of greasy-looking puddle of shame. My first thoughts were it had to be me. I was the one having a false feeling of taco sadness. It could not be Jasper’s kitchen because Jasper’s kitchen would never send anything out looking so shady.

I decided to see what would happen after asking for two new taco shells. Maybe it was a taco shell problem, which would be any easy fix. No one likes to send happy hour food back to the kitchen. It’s just not right.

The bartender said different taco shells were on the way, but then never brought them over. Now the tacos were not only sad, but they were cold and lonely as well. This is when I took a bite. It was a mix of hard, soft, and rubbery all over the place. The most unpleasant part of this bite was that it tasted like a mouthful of meat. Double wow.



I wasn’t about to complain. No way. Instead, I asked where the mahi was cooked. Maybe the answer would provide clues that would solve the mystery of the mahi taco tasting like a steak. He said they cook the fish for tacos on the grill where meat is cooked. All other seafood is cooked where meat hasn’t been.

Huh? What is up with that? Can I get a purpose? Maybe people ordering fish want the fish to taste like meat? People who eat meat probably feel this is an annoying pretend-issue that isn’t a real issue at all. People who aren’t into meat feel differently.

One wouldn’t think this is a situation where there’s a need to ask if the fish is going to taste like meat. Throw an almost veggie person a bone. Maybe this wasn’t even the real answer. I waited tables and sometimes wasn’t sure how to answer a question completely, but went with a basic answer anyway since I was in the weeds.

extra side of onion ring, please
extra side of onion ring, please
wedge salad
chopped wedge salad
blue cheese, onion ring, minus nueske’s bacon

On the up and up, lunch at Jasper’s this week proved that Jasper’s is still the bomb after all. Who knew a wedge salad could skyrocket to the next level by adding an onion ring on top? After finally getting over how good of an idea this onion ring was, I decided to order an extra onion ring. Maybe this is old news in the world of salad toppings. Maybe this is one of the things that slipped by my entire life. I don’t think I can ever have a wedge salad again if it isn’t topped with a crispy onion ring. Thank you, Jasper’s.

shrimp & grits
shrimp & grits

The shrimp and grits can be served without being wrapped in prosciutto, so hey. It’s also always a plus when grits do not already have bacon included in the recipe. The shell tucked beneath wasn’t greasy in the least, let’s all raise the roof. In the end, we all must continue to love Jasper’s. It’s the right thing to do.





Jasper’s Richardson
1251 State Street, Suite 950
Richardson, TX 75082





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